Three teams of bomb detectors squads are investigating inside.

Surat : Surat’s biggest VR mall has been evacuated by the police. The police have come into action mode after receiving a threat to blast the mall. Surat VR Mall received a mail saying, ‘Save as many as you want to save, they will be blasted’. Crime Branch, SOG, Bomb-Squad has reached the spot after receiving this threatening mail. Umra police have also reached the spot. There is an atmosphere of fear among the people. All were informed by the management as soon as the mail was received. After that, there have been scenes of people rushing inside the mall to get out.

According to the information, bomb blast threat mails have been received in 52 places across the country. Additional CP K.N. Damore said, this mail came at four o’clock today. It was written that a bomb has been placed in this mall and it will explode that morning. We have kicked everyone out of the mall. Our Crime Branch, SOG, Bomb Squad team is investigating inside the mall. A young man working in VR Mall said, the management came and told us that someone has left a bomb in the mall, you should close your store, at that time there was also a commotion, the customers who were customers were asked to get out, the police came in 10-15 minutes. Dog squad and bomb squad had also arrived. 2 to 3 thousand people have been evacuated. At present, two vehicles of the fire department have been kept on standby at VR Mall. Along with this, senior officials of the fire department have also rushed to the spot. All types of equipment have been brought by the fire department. All the types of equipment that are available when there is a major disaster in a place have been brought here. Three teams of bomb detectors squads are investigating inside.

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