February 25, 2024

A seven thousands was collected from teachers; now three thousands are being returned to the teachers.

Surat : The most expensive fight for the grade pay fight of the teachers of Surat Municipal Corporation-run Municipal Primary Education Committee has fallen this time. A group of teachers has claimed to have paid 27.60 lakh to a lawyer for an affidavit, even though a case has not been filed in the court on the issue of getting teachers’ grade pay. After a huge controversy over this, the group that collected fees for the court case has started returning 3,000 to the teachers. But another controversy has arisen as there is no mention of the amount refunded on the guarantee form. Apart from this, many teachers are also having doubts about having to pay 27.60 lakhs only for the affidavit.

Even though there is a possibility of government’s decision to get grade pay to the teachers of Primary Education Committee, seven – seven thousand rupees were extorted from the teachers in the name of court case by different groups of teachers. However, before the case was filed in the court by the lawyer retained by the teacher, as the government had given the grade pay verdict, the demand for the refund of the money collected from the teachers started.

Initially, it was said that this money would not be received, but even after the huge controversy over the money extorted from the teachers, no preparation was shown by the extortion group to return the money. Meanwhile, a group of teachers reported the entire issue to the state president CR Patil after which the teachers were likely to get full refund of the money paid. A teacher who raised their voice on the issue was refunded the entire seven thousand.

At present three thousand rupees are being refunded along with the signature of the teacher on the guarantee sheet, but a new controversy has arisen as no amount has been taken on the guarantee sheet. Apart from this, teachers do not accept the fact that they have to pay 27.60 lakh rupees for a single affidavit. The teachers are demanding that if those who extort money in the name of court fees are genuine, then they should disclose the receipt or other evidence of the fee paid to the advocate. However, one group has returned 3,000 rupees, but the other group also collected money in the name of court fee, the money has not been returned yet, or a court case has not been filed, so the question is now being raised as to where that money went.

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