February 29, 2024

3,000 students completed the course in Panthak, an effort to spread the unique spirit of education.

Bharuch: In the age of science and technology every child needs to have computer knowledge. A novel approach has been adopted in Bharuch to enable students living in remote villages to keep pace with technology.

Moreover, keeping in view the need of computer education, computer education on wheels project is running from SRF Foundation. A special type of bus has been started to provide education to the children to the remote villages.

Furthermore, this bus has been converted into a classroom equipped with modern facilities. Through this bus, not only the children, but also the youth and women of the village are being made aware of the computer.

Currently, this project is running in 19 schools in Netrang, 5 schools in Wagra and 15 government schools in Bharuch. So poor children are getting the benefit of computers in fee.

Students are given a 3 month course

Essential general knowledge of Microsoft Office, networking, internet and computer hardware is imparted during the three month course. Theory and practical knowledge are imparted during the basic course. After the completion of the course, the students are examined and pass certificate is given to the successful students.

The bus uses solar energy

As this bus is solar powered, it can easily operate in any village. 16 panels have been installed on top of the bus. Arrangements have been made so that maximum electricity can be generated from the panel. About 6 hours of study can be done in a bus with solar energy. Being self-sustainable, this computer bus is also beneficial for the environment.

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