February 25, 2024

When these trees are seen in Gujarat University, dumping site and many party plots managed by the Municipal Corporation.

Ahmedabad : Ornamental conocarpus trees have been declared harmful to both soil and health by the state forest department, in which it is clearly written that according to research reports, Conocarpus tree has negative effects on human life. Conocarpus trees planted everywhere for beautification and greenery have been found harmful to the soil and human health, finally the forest department of the state has woken up and has issued an official circular ordering planting in nurseries and bringing public awareness. Good looking and fast growing conocarpus are proving harmful to soil and health. Conocarpus trees adorning town-villages, hotels or farm houses are harmful to both soil and health.

Conocarpus roots grow deep into the soil. Because of this, the cable laid in the ground damages the drainage line and the fresh water system. Apart from this, its pollen causes colds, allergies and asthma. Therefore, instructions have been given to raise these trees in the nursery of the forest department and not to plant them and also to conduct public awareness programs. While the government has taken this decision, the professor of Botany Department of Gujarat University also considers Conocarpus as harmful. Bharat Maitreya, Professor of Botany at Gujarat University, says that the main job of a plant is to establish its roots deep. Which Conocarpus does well. Damage to pipelines and cables due to rigid anchoring. Apart from this, it is necessary not to have it in the residential area as it also affects the health. Conocarpus has some benefits along with its side effects. It removes salinity from the soil and also raises the water table.

The tree which is considered harmful by Botany and State Forest Department is being seen for greenery and beautification in Ahmedabad city. This tree was also planted by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in the past. On the riverfront road of Ahmedabad as well as in riverfront conocarpus trees are seen in kunda. When these trees are seen in Gujarat University, dumping site and many party plots managed by the Municipal Corporation, it has become necessary for the Municipal Corporation to remove these trees.

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