February 29, 2024

BJP MLA worried about river level, whereas congress leader said, Interest in cruise management instead of citizens

Ahmedabad: The controversy over running a cruise in the Sabarmati river has been going on since its inauguration. A few days after the cruise began, heavy rains in city and many areas around the river were flooded. The main reason for this was to maintain the water level of Sabarmati river at 134 feet. Why this water level had to be maintained? Because, if the cruise is to float in the river and turn around the entire route in an hour and a half time then the water level is necessary. The BJP MLA wrote a letter to lower the river level.

This dispute has not been resolved, but it has been said that if there is low water, the cruise cannot move everywhere. A minimum water depth of 6 to 8 feet is required for cruising. This is what the cruise captain said in a conversation, but it is true.

Now this raises some basic questions, was there no investigation of the average depth of the Sabarmati river before bringing the cruise? If there is heavy rain, the water of the city will be back instead of flowing into the river, I have not understood the issue from the experts?

People’s desire to enjoy a boat ride in the river (even spending 2000 rupees) will remain unfulfilled if the cruise is not going anywhere due to the depth of the river? It tried to understand all these things from the cruise captain and corporation officials. The most important thing is the safety of the cruise

First round with 25 runs incomplete

Cruise cum floating restaurants started on Monday last 10th. 1800 for lunch and 2000 for dinner per person in this river cruise. One trip of the cruise takes about one and a half hours. Before which only 25 people were found in 1st round. The cruise cum floating restaurants route is from Atal Bridge to Dadhichi Bridge, but due to low water level in the river, the cruise was taken only to Ambedkar Bridge.

It is necessary to maintain the water level in the river above 130 feet to operate the cruise, but the cruise was not taken to Dadichi Bridge on the first day itself as there was no fixed level. It may be mentioned that, despite heavy rains to maintain the water level of Sabarmati for running cruises last week, the water was not drained. Due to this, many areas of the river bank were flooded even in a few rains.

The level of the river has to be continuously monitored: Captain

In this matter, it had a conversation with the captain of the Sabarmati River Cruise. He also made a ground report about what the level of the river should be and whether river cruises can be run in the current conditions of the river. In which in a conversation with Captain Ashok Bambhania, who runs the Akshar river cruise in the Sabarmati river, he said that when we pass by Atal bridge by taking a river cruise, we have to operate the cruise very carefully, because, the water level near the bridge is very low. During the cruise we are constantly monitoring the river level. If the level shows four feet then we cannot take the cruise forward and the cruise is brought back from there.

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