February 25, 2024

Hindu organizations and sarpanches of surrounding villages submitted a written representation to the temple administration to withdraw the decision

Ahmedabad : Controversy has started over the charging of darshan at the legendary pilgrimage site Dakor. There is clear displeasure among some devotees. Today, Hindu organizations and the sarpanchs of the surrounding villages have submitted a written submission to the temple administration and appealed to the temple administration to withdraw this decision and if it is not done, they have warned of fierce agitation. The devotees expressed their displeasure with this decision.

The Dakor temple administration had announced that if they wanted to go near the Lord and to charge women to see the Lord through nets, the darshan was also opened. This service was started from Thursday itself. The decision was met with mixed reactions. Most of the devotees expressed displeasure with this decision. There has been a slogans of protest in the matter of darshan being done by the Dakor Temple Committee for 500 rupees and 250 rupees.

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