February 29, 2024

Traffic cones for City Light School’s ‘Cycle to School’ project are broken.

Surat : The country’s first cycle to school project has started in the city of Surat and speculations have started that the child will die due to the negligence of the municipality. Surat Municipality has started the cycle to school project in a school in City Light, it has not been even a month but the traffic cones placed for this cycle track are broken and vehicles are parked on the track and some have pushed on the footpath and opened shops. The complaint of giving is also increasing.Among the 100 smart cities from across the country, only Surat city has been selected for the Cycle to School project and Surat Municipality has selected six schools for this project and started operations. School No. 160 in City Light area has been selected for the pilot project of ‘Cycle Cycle to School’ by Surat Municipal Corporation and Surat Smart City Development Limited and this project has been started on January 8.

However, it has been barely a month since this cycle to school project started, but several traffic cones placed to make way for the cycle track have been broken. The nails sticking out of these broken traffic cones are posing a danger to students riding bicycles. Besides, the track built for the project is attractive but some people park their two wheelers on this track. So some people are creating obstacles by parking cars before the start of the track.Since the municipality has connected the bicycles with the GPS system but has not bothered to check the parking of vehicles on the track, the possibility of accidents to students carrying bicycles cannot be ruled out. Although the country’s first project is being realized, some people lack traffic sense, besides the traffic cones are broken and there is a possibility of child death due to the pressure on this route.

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