December 11, 2023

Transport committee chairman urges bus operators to run buses at fixed speed only.

Surat : It has been decided to penalize the bus operator for speeding the bus at the zebra crossing following a complaint that the driver of the city bus running in Surat city was driving the bus recklessly and causing fatal accidents. There was no provision of this type of penalty earlier but penal action has been ordered to prevent the ever-increasing accidents. The mass transport service started by the Surat Municipal Corporation has become a controversy due to the negligence of the driver conductor. Municipal city bus conductors do not give tickets to passengers after taking money. On the other hand, drivers are driving the bus recklessly and causing accidents. After many complaints regarding this, Transport Committee Chairman Somnath Marathe along with officials and members visited the depots of three different agencies (Eltra, Charter, Adinath) on Pal, Adajan and Ugat Canal Roads. The Chairman has informed the officials about the complaints regarding the bus during the round.

Chairman of the Transport Committee Somnath Marath has said that, more than two and a half lakh passengers travel daily in the CT and BRTS buses of the municipality. The mass transit service has been successful and the municipality continuously strives to increase the service. Apart from that, the city bus driver of the municipality is driving the bus recklessly, and the image of the municipality is also affected along with the accident. Because of this, during the visit today, the officials have been given a clear instruction regarding the speed limit of the bus.

He further said that accidents are happening due to excessive speed of buses. The management of the agency gave instructions that the bus driver has to drive slowly on every circle of the city, zebra crossing and over bridge. Any driver who thinks that the road belongs to us will not drive at all. Apart from this, in coordination with the garden department, any big trees inside the BRTS road should be trimmed on time and given a timely report. In some areas, people have created walking zones in the BRTS route, so a strategy will be made in the coming days to prevent these walking zones. Apart from this, he also informed that drivers of CT buses and BRTS buses must carry a license. Strict action will be taken against the bus driver if he is not carrying the license.

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