December 11, 2023

Diamond businessman helped to diamond worker’s children by paying their school fees as the recession has been going for some time.

Surat : The diamond workers of the diamond industry have been stuck in recession for quite some time due to which many diamond workers are struggling to pay their children’s education fees. The Gujarat Diamond Workers Union conducted a survey to collect the data of such needy diamond workers and based on that financial assistance was provided to the needy diamond workers with the help of leading diamond industry. Bhavesh Tank of Gujarat Diamond Workers Union said that many diamond workers have become unemployed due to recession. These diamond workers cannot spend even for basic needs and can’t even pay children’s school fees. The Union reported the matter to Diamond Institute Chairman Dinesh Navadia and GJEPC Regional Chairman Vijay Mangekiya with their support and cooperation to the Gems and Jewelery National Relief Foundation-Mumbai.

Moreover, with the cooperation of Dinesh Navdia and Vijay Mangekiya, a transparent survey was conducted without caste discrimination with the hard work of Diamond Workers Union Gujarat, so that financial support of 5000 rupees was given to 150 diamond workers with the financial support of Gems and Jewelery National Relief Foundation and 150 diamond workers have been directly deposited in their accounts. Gujarat Diamond Workers Union has thanked Gems and Jewelery National Relief Foundation-Mumbai and former chairman Sanjay Kothari, current chairman Pravinshankar Pandya, trustees Bharat Kakdia, Ashok Gajera, Raju Maldar and all the trustees for providing financial assistance of 7.50 lakh rupees to the needy diamond workers of the diamond industry.

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