February 25, 2024

Due to rain, the epidemic is continuously increasing in South Gujarat; many cases are reporting of epidemic

Surat : The death number in the epidemic is increasing in Surat. In the last 24 hours, five people, including three children, have died due to diarrhea, vomiting and fever. One of the children was only 9 days old. To looking for further examples with, Manoj Kanojia working as a laborer works and supports the family, and his 14-year-old daughter brought civil with sudden abdominal pain and diarrhoea, where she died. After class daughter Aastha stayed at home due to illness. Secondly, Pramod Yadav lives with his family. His daughter Nisha was only two months old. This was the first child after marriage. She was brought to the Civil hospital sudden cough and fever, where the she was declared dead. However, no exact cause of death was ascertained.

Surat Civil Hospital Superintendent said that, due to rain, the epidemic is continuously increasing in South Gujarat. Many cases are coming from South Gujarat and Maharashtra together. There is an increase in cases of diarrhea and vomiting and there is also a huge increase in cases of fever. Talking about the statistics of the last 12 days, there have been 38 cases of diarrhoea-vomiting, 7 cases of malaria, 24 cases of dengue, 76 cases of fever and non-fever, 2 cases of cholera, 3 cases of Jaundice. Thus, in the last 24 hours, there are 5 cases that have been brought as broad dead. If children develop diarrhea and vomiting, they should be examined at the nearest health center.

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