February 29, 2024

SMC is going to take appropriate steps by allocating a separate budget in the coming time.

Surat : A four-year-old girl was attacked and killed by dogs in Surat’s Pandesara yesterday. Surat Mayor Dakshesh Mavani gave a statement on the issue of dog terror, in which he said that we will take strict action in this matter, but suggested to the people who eat non-veg that people who sell non-veg and people who eat it throw garbage anywhere and the dogs are craved to eat it and at that time the dogs become violent on the people walking nearby are going So these people should be careful. There is a discussion going on in the city that the Mayor has laid the blame on non-vegetarians and people who sell in his statement.

Mayor Dakshesh Mavani said that, the incident that happened in Pandesara yesterday is very sad, I express my condolences to the family. Now we have renewed the new contract, we have vaccinated and dewormed about seven thousand dogs. But there have been many cases of dog bite in Pandesara area, after identification of that area, we will take as many dogs as there are in that area and vaccinate and vaccinate them, but now we will vaccinate and vaccinate them based on concrete measures and videography. He further said that I am making a humble appeal to the people who eat non-veg and throw garbage on the road. Don’t throw the garbage in the wrong place, many times the pedestrians leave the garbage in the wrong place, and we have noticed that when the dog tries to eat this garbage and a pedestrian comes out, the dog becomes violent. In many places many people sell non-veg on the canal and after selling the non-veg people throw some garbage and go away and many times the dogs become violent by eating the non-veg from that garbage. In that regard, we have taken certain steps this morning as well. Surat Municipal Corporation is going to take appropriate steps by allocating a separate budget in the coming time so that such an incident does not happen again.

Further said that the guide line of the Supreme Court is that we release the dogs within 7 to 8 days from where we catch the dogs, many times we do not release the dogs, in case a citizen filed a case, why don’t you come to release our dogs. In such cases, our hands are also tied, but in the coming time, we will also calculate how many dogs there are in Surat and monitor how many doses of vaccination are given. We will also keep vigilance so that such an incident does not happen.

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