The problem of the machine not being able to continue will be fixed soon.

Rajkot : Rajkot’s civil hospital has once again come under controversy, in which the X-ray (DR) machine at the trauma center has been closed for five-six days, so the patients are facing a lot of hardship. As the system suddenly stopped the operation of this department, bone patients are facing great difficulties. At present there are total 3 facilities for X-ray in Civil Hospital. Out of which, the closure of this one facility has increased the rush of patients to the other two places. However, Civil Superintendent Dr. Trivedi assured to restore the machine soon.

According to the known details, about one and a half crore DR placed in the trauma center of the civil hospital. The machine (X-ray) has been closed for the last five-six days and this section has been closed. It has come to light that the system has closed this section to prevent damage to the precious DR machine due to moisture due to water dripping from the place where the machine is placed. But instead of shutting down this machine, people are demanding that the problem of water dripping and humidity be solved. Aware patients say that, at present, one machine is placed in the trauma center of the civil hospital, another machine is placed in room no.21 near the police post and the third machine is placed in room no.7 in the OPD building. Now, as the DR machine stops, the rush of patients is increasing in room number 21 and 25. At present Room No. 7 of the OPD building has a permanent rush of mainly orthopedic patients for X-ray. As the machine of the trauma center is stopped, the bone patients are suffering due to the increase in attrition of patients. Civil Superintendent Dr. R. S. Trivedi said that 1500 to 2000 patients are X-rayed every day at Saurashtra’s largest civil hospital. A large number of patients benefit from the X-ray facility available at three locations in Civil. However, in the trauma center as the DR machine shuts down, patients are crowding in two other places. Then this the concerned have been urged to restore the machine. The problem of the machine not being able to continue will be fixed soon.

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