Due to which the motorists also have to face more problems.

Surat : City and BRTS buses in Surat are often in constant controversy. After a few days, the passengers have to face hardship due to the closure of the city bus. Along with this, the drivers also had to face difficulties as the traffic got stuck as the drivers stopped the bus in the middle of the road. Metro project is going on at Athwa in Surat. Offices and buildings of officials including Vanita Vishram, Chopati, Police Commissioner’s Office, Collector’s Office are located on this road. Due to the metro project on this road, the road has been reduced to less than half, the driver left the city bus stranded on this road in the sweltering heat today.

There was a traffic jam as the driver left the road between the metro works on one side and the city bus stopped on the other side. This traffic jam was created from Athwa circle till the collector office. This situation remained for two to three hours. People were also angry because of the time between noon and this heat. It may be mentioned here that earlier also there have been incidents of city buses being stopped on bridges that are busy with continuous traffic like Katargam Varachha and Ring Road. After stopping the city bus, it takes a lot of time to clear it, due to which the motorists also have to face more problems.

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