February 29, 2024

Public belief revealed in Status of Policing in India report

Vadodara: For the last four years, CCTVs are being installed on city roads for safety and traffic regulation. Drone-face recognition technology (FRT) has also added an eye on people’s public lives. A government survey was conducted to find out what people think about these new tools. Based on the findings of this survey, the ‘Status of Policing in India Reporting 2023: Surveillance and Question of Privacy’ report was published.

According to the report, 53 percent of people in Gujarat expressed their apprehension that, drones can be used to illegally monitor women. In Haryana and Andhra Pradesh, the proportion of those who expressed such doubts was 71 percent. However, 95 percent of Gujaratis agree with police using drone cameras for law and order.

-Interesting survey findings: 84% of people are afraid of giving information online

-In 2020-21, cyber crime has increased by 67 percent in Gujarat.

-84 percent of people are afraid to give out financial details or personal information online.

-Only 25 percent of Gujaratis are bothered by giving GPS location.

-27 percent of people in Gujarat believe that, political parties can know the content of people’s phones.

-42 percent of Gujaratis believe that, political parties, NGOs spread fake news.

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