February 29, 2024

Drunk ambulance driver misbehaved with deceased’s family.

Surat : Surat Civil Hospital is frequently mired in controversies, yet another controversy has surfaced, in which a private ambulance driver is misbehaving with the staff and family members of the post-mortem room inside the civil hospital despite not having permission. The video of this entire incident was captured on camera by those present.A few days ago it was decided that private ambulances are not allowed to park in civil. Today afternoon, the driver of the private ambulance reached in front of the civil and then kept the ambulance standing on the road and shouted loudly that it is 10 rupees per kilometer. Finding that the driver was intoxicated, the hospital staff also rushed and tried to convince him. However, he got out of the ambulance and went to the family of the deceased in a drunken state and started misbehaving.

The driver of the ambulance who was intoxicated was sent out of the civil after much effort by the postmortem room staff. The people present there recorded the misbehavior of the postmortem staff and the family of the deceased on their cameras. Along with this, the people present also expressed their anger. There were incidents of killings between the ambulance personnel even for taking the dead body to the Surat Civil Hospital in a private ambulance. The private ambulance staff was lying in the new civil all day long. So, if a private ambulance is parked in Surat New Civil Hospital, the hospital management has taken steps to take action against it. If a private ambulance is found in the campus, it will be checked by the RTO or fined by the hospital management. Regarding this, Superintendent of Surat Civil Hospital Dr. Ganesh Govekar said that private ambulances are not allowed to park in civil. This is being investigated.

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