In the name of political dispute, some people have demaged the place of business in the province of Sindh, a presentation will be made to the Government of India

Moreover, after the arrest of Imran Khan, the civil war broke out in the whole of Pakistan, and its impact has also been seen in the Sindh province of Pakistan, because of this, the business of the Hindu people living in the province of Sindh is being damaged in the name of political chaos. So there is concern among their relatives living in Sardarnagar of Ahmedabad. It is mentioning that, a large number of people from Pakistan have come to Ahmedabad and become Indian citizens, but, even today their close relatives are in Pakistan. After the arrest of Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf Party Imran Khan, a civil war has broken out in the whole of Pakistan.

At the same time, some people have taken advantage of the political instability and started vandalism with extreme violence in Pakistan. In which the business of thousands of Hindus living in Pakistan’s Sindh province is being damaged. As a result, concern has been seen among their relatives living in India.

On the one hand, due to the restriction on the internet, phone calls or messages have also been exchanged through social media. So the educational work has also stopped in some places.

Further, it is to be said that, their relatives are in Pakistan and were already being harassed because they were a minority in Pakistan. So the current situation is that some people are taking wrong advantage of the controversy of the political matter.

According to a man named Vinod, who acquired Indian citizenship a few years ago, his relatives are still citizens of Pakistan and live there. Whose shops were vandalized by the mob, who came to close them. Thus, the situation is alarming due to political upheaval in Pakistan.

Lastly, due to political instability, even today thousands of Hindus from Pakistan want to take Indian citizenship.

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