February 25, 2024

The school principal, teachers and donors taught the students to make Ganesha idols in the workshop.

Surat : A government school in Surat has made a unique effort to create awareness for more people to set up an Eco Family Ganesha statue during the Ganesh festival. A municipal school in Palanpur area of Surat conducted a workshop for students and taught Sriji to make clay idols. 650 students of this school will make a clay statue with Tulsi seeds and put it at home, perform puja and also do the immersion at home, and with it will give a message to the people of Surat to install eco friendly Ganesha statue during Ganesh festival to preserve the environment.

Furthermore, School principal says that, although clay idols have increased in popularity during Ganesha festivals over the past several years, Plaster of Paris idols are still installed in many places. After the installation of Plaster of Paris Ganesha, many questions are raised against the environment. Our school has made a small effort to convey the message of worshiping Lord Ganesha, while preserving the environment. A workshop was organized by the teachers and donors of this school to make an idol of Lord Ganesha in the school. In this workshop, the students of the school learned to make Ganesha statue in their own way. After that, some students said that these students made clay Ganeshaji themselves and installed it at home. Due to which he was given soil by the school. 650 students have made a statue of Ganesha with their imagination and skill using the clay provided to make the statue of Ganesha.

Additionally, 650 students of our school will install their own Ganesha statue at their home. For ten days they will perform pooja and on the fourteenth day Anand will immerse the idol at his home and use its soil to grow flower plants. This one government school of Surat tries to preserve the environment, if other schools also try to do this and the municipality or the government promotes it, then the work of preserving the environment during Ganesh festival in Surat can be done very well.

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