February 25, 2024

The police recovered a total of Rs. 37 lakh 8 thousand 400 was confiscated; Liquor smuggling under blanket

Kutch : Every day various types of drug trafficking in Kutch comes to know due to the vigilance of the security system, which is showing signs that the number of drug addicts is increasing due to the prosperity of the district. At that time, under the instructions and guidance of police chief Sagar and deputy police chief Sagar Sabda to control drunkenness in East Kutch, on the basis of specific information received by Adesar Police Maharashtra Parshing’s truck number MH-04 HD 9050 worth Rs 15 lakh was coming from Rajasthan full of English liquor. Liquor worth 14 lakh 96 thousand 400 was found. Rs. A truck driver and a teenager were caught with liquor under the guise of a warm blanket worth 7 lakhs 2000. The police recovered a total of Rs. 37 lakh 8 thousand 400 was confiscated.

According to the list released by the police, 24-year-old Mustafa Dinmamad of a hill village in Rajasthan and a teenager with him were picked up with a total of 3636 bottles of various brands of Indian-made English liquor from a truck stopped on the basis of information during a night drive. A crime was registered against the accused Itiyaz, who was not present with the arrested accused and who sent the liquor and a man named Rana, who ordered the liquor was registered and legal action was taken.

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