Police has started further investigation into how many people have been duped into honey traps by the accused till now.

Surat : Two of the four accused who cheated a builder in a honeytrap in Adajan area of Surat and extorted Rs 30 lakh have been arrested by the Adajan police and all the money has been recovered, while a search has also been started for the absconding accused. One of the two accused arrested by the Adajan police has been arrested earlier in the crime of honeytrap. As far as how many people have been extorted by the accused as fake police, further investigation has been conducted by the Adajan Police.After calling a builder in a row-house bungalow of a society in Palanpur Jakatnaka area of the city and trapping him in a honeytrap, more than four people threatened to implicate him in a false case by posing as fake police. The builder, who was a victim of honey trap, filed a complaint in the Adajan police station and the police registered a case and conducted an investigation.

According to the complaint filed by the builder, a broker named Sushant sent a photo of the girl on the builder’s mobile number on WhatsApp and offered to have fun. The broker was contacted by the builder and called to a row-house bungalow of the society in Palanpur Jakatnaka area, where a girl was already present in this bungalow. As soon as he entered the bungalow, the door of the house was locked from inside. After which four people including a person named Ashwin alias Gopal Rabari, Sushant, who became a fake police, came as fake policemen with sticks in their hands. He threatened the builder to implicate him in a wrong case by saying that he is doing wrong business with the girl. Besides, without filing a case from the builder and in the name of the PI of Adajan police station, Dum Mari had broken 30 lakhs of rupees. Based on the complaint of the builder, the Adajan police registered a case in this matter and searched the accused.

Lastly, the Adajan police investigating the honeytrap crime arrested the accused Ashwin alias Gopal Rabari and a man named Shushant involved in the crime. The police also recovered an amount of Rs 30 lakh from the accused. Both the accused were arrested and produced in Surat court and efforts were made to get remand. While searching for other absconding accused in the crime is also underway. Adajan Police has started further investigation into how many people have been duped into honeytraps by the accused till now.

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