February 29, 2024

The gates of the sanctum sanctorum have been made from the donation of 101 kg of gold given by the Lakhi family.

Surat : Ram Lalla was cremated on January 22 at Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, a place of faith for Hindus. While donations are pouring in from all over the country for the construction of this temple, the most surprising thing is that the largest donor family in Ayodhya is from Pakistan. 101 kg of gold has been donated to the Ram Mandir by the Lakhi family who came to India at the time of partition and this gold is worth around 68 crores as per the current market price.Mobhi Dilip Kumar Lakhi’s brother-in-law lives in Surat. According to his brother-in-law Shyam Munjal, he used to live in Mumbai and settled in Surat for the last 35 years. His cousin is involved in the diamond business and lives in Mumbai. His family is originally from Pakistan and moved to India after partition. Thus the entire Sindhi community came to India at that time.

He further said that usually their brother-in-law surat comes only when there are any social events. The Lakhi family has been associated with the spirit of service since its inception. The Lakhi family has donated 101 kg of gold for Ram Mandir, which is the largest donation given till now. It is not known how much loss Pakistan has suffered due to partition but it is an eternal truth that it has lost many gems like the Lakhi family.Dilip Kumar Lakhi’s father Vishindas Holaram came to Jaipur in 1944 before the partition of India-Pakistan. Dilip Kumar Lakhi was tutoring students at the age of 13 and at the same time helping his father in business. In 1972, he came to jewelery market in Mumbai and started business. Dilipkumar Lakhi’s three brothers Motiram V. Written by Prakash V. Lakhi and Deepak V. Lakhi handles business in Hong Kong, New York and the United Arab Emirates.

The sanctum sanctorum doors of the Ram Mandir have been made from the gold donated to the Lakhi family. Not only this, gold has also been used in making trishuls, damru and pillars. It is said that this is the largest donation given for the construction of Ram temple. After him, followers of Moraribapu have donated 16.3 crores. Then Govind Dholakia from Surat who donated 11 crores and Mukesh Patel who donated a crown of 11 crores are on the third number. Surat’s Jayanti Kabootarwala has also donated 4 crore rupees.

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