The police have arrested the accused from the hospital itself.

Ahmedabad : A father has strangled his five-month-old daughter to death in Ahmedabad. The father was fed up with the daughter coming instead of the son for a long time. He took his wife and daughter to the hospital yesterday. When the daughter was crying, the father strangled her, so the girl died. City Kotda Police have registered a case and arrested the accused father in this regard. Ansar Ahmad Ansari, who lived in Gomtipur, had a five-month-old daughter. Ansar was doing scrap business. Ansar was under stress when a girl was born instead of a boy. He also stopped paying attention to business and his wife also did not pay attention to him. So Ansar started driving a rickshaw. Ansar was also on brain medication.Last night, Ansar took his wife to the hospital for stomach pain. Then the wife went in for sonography. As the child started crying, Ansar tried to silence the child, but when the child did not shut up, he took the child to the rickshaw. Despite trying to silence the girl sitting in the rickshaw, when the girl did not shut up, Ansar strangled the girl’s mouth and throat, so that the girl became unconscious.

Accused Father of deceased daughter

Seeing the condition of the girl, Ansar took her in a rickshaw and took her to Vora’s Roza. They tried to wake up by splashing water on the girl’s face, but the girl did not wake up. People around gathered and on suspicion took both of them to Shardaben Hospital. The doctor declared the girl dead. When the police came to know about this, the police also reached the hospital and arrested Ansar.ACP Hitendra Chaudhary said, the accused wanted a boy instead of a girl child. So he was disappointed when the child did not come. The accused was also beating the wife with the baby girl. There were frequent fights between the two. Yesterday, when the husband and wife took the baby girl to the hospital, the baby girl started crying, so the accused strangled her to death in a fit of rage. The police have arrested the accused from the hospital itself.

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