February 25, 2024

The legal action will be taken against them, if any adulteration is found in the food

Howeover, confusion in food is increasing in the state. Due to this, statewide raids are being conducted by the food and drug regulatory system from Gandhinagar. A fennel adulteration scam has been caught by the Food and Drug Regulatory Authority team in Morbi district, in which around 59 thousand kilograms worth of fennel and color worth Rs.1.13 crore have been seized.

Further, under the guidance of Health Minister Rishikesh Patel, essential food items including spices are being tested by the Food and Drug Administration. If any adulteration is found in the food during this test, legal action is taken against such elements.

Although, on the basis of which a joint team of Food and Drug Regulatory Authority-Morbi and Local Crime Branch-Morbi conducted a surprise investigation and caught the scam of adding inedible color to fennel.

During this investigation, it was found that adulterated fennel was being produced and sold by coloring the whole fennel of inferior quality. Also, inedible colors for adulteration were also found at the site.

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