The problems of the people of more than 40 societies are increasing.

Surat : Surat Municipality’s policy of taking pressure off Zero Road has cooled down with the announcement of elections. On the other hand, bold pushers are now pushing around residential societies. Not only this, but with the ostrich policy of removing pressure from the municipality, the pushers have now become ruthless and have started pushing outside the fire station of the municipality. Outside the municipality’s Dindoli fire station, there is such a pressure in the evening that even the fire engines may struggle to get out in the event of an accident.

After the announcement of the elections, since the pressure relief work of the municipality has been relaxed, the stubborn pushers have started pushing again, in which pressure has already started outside Dindoli fire station. The fire station’s vehicles are parked around where the mercury is constantly being pressed. Even in the evening, this pressure increases to such an extent that if there is a distress call, there is a possibility that it may be difficult to get the fire vehicles out of this fire station. The municipality removed pressures from Dindoli main road, but since then these pressures are happening at new places. As no action has been taken against it, the condition of the people of more than 40 societies located on Dindoli Deladwa and Dindoli Kharwasa roads has become dire. Encroachers are pushing on both these roads and it is becoming difficult for vehicles to ply on these roads during peak hours. Despite many complaints about this, the system is not doing any work to remove the pressure, the problems of the people of more than 40 societies are increasing.

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