February 25, 2024

Accused used to get original 5 lakhs from petrol pump or hotel manager and hand over fake notes of 15 lakhs.

Navsari : There are many cases of manipulation of fake notes in Gujarat. (Fake notes of 15 lakh) Then, while passing fake notes along with a policeman, he was caught by the Vasanda police. These smugglers used to get real currency notes of five lakhs from the petrol pump or hotel manager and steal fake notes of 15 lakhs. In this whole scam, details of a policeman showing a gun and threatening petrol pump or hotel managers have also come to know.

According to the information received by the Vansada Police, some people in two vehicles are coming towards Vansda with fake Indian currency notes of Rs 500 through Anaval from Surat. Based on the information, Vansada Police had blockaded. When two cars carrying information arrived there, they were stopped and 2994 fake notes of Rs 500 were found from the five accused. The accused used to give genuine notes to any customer who wanted to give fake notes to be verified first. A total of five accused are involved in this scam, in which a police constable Yogesh Samudre works at the Surat headquarters. He is currently serving as the armed security guard of the female witness in the Asaram case.

The accused used to order the duplicate note online or print it on a printer and it will be checked during the remand. The accused used to go to the petrol pump or the hotel and talk to the manager and talk about getting 5 lakh original instead of 15 lakh, in which the police constable of Surat would come when the deal was going on so that an atmosphere like panic was created, In which the managers mostly started counting 15 lakhs out of fear of the police and dismissed the case by giving the original 5 lakhs. In some cases, police constable Yogesh Samudre even threatened the administrators by showing government pistols.

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