February 25, 2024

Surprising incident happened in Ahmedabad, people got curious about this incident

Ahmedabad: Late at night on Odhav Ring Road in Ahmedabad, people suddenly started to see foam on the road. Crowds of people gathered around the road as the foam rose from the ground. The road was covered with foam for 20 to 25 minutes. At present, it is suspected that, some chemical has been released in the sewer line.

Also, it has come out in the form of foam and an investigation was conducted there by the engineer department of the municipal corporation and the fire brigade team. How did this foam come out of the ground? Was there a company line? An investigation has been started. Samples were taken from the spot this morning and sent for testing.

A message was received that there has been a gas leak on Odhav Ring Road
Fire brigade officer said, “There was a message that there was a gas leak on Ring Road, but when we reached the spot, a substance was coming out of the ground in the form of foam.” So the water was run and checked whether there was any fire? But, there was no fire of any kind and no gas leak.

It only smelled like gas and a foamy substance came out. The drain lines on both sides were opened and checked to see if any gas was generated and whether the incident had occurred. However, the investigation did not reveal any such matter. It is suspected that, someone has put a chemical in the sewer line or a line passing by the side, so the GPCB, Municipal Corporation has been asked to take a sample and take action in the matter.

Lastly, around 10 pm on Tuesday night foam suddenly started coming out of the ground, and it was coming like fall mountain. It was wonder among all the people, who were standing and seeing there. Also, the fire brigade and municipal corporation teams were informed.

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