February 25, 2024

4 samples were taken by food department under Food Safety Standard Act-2006.

Rajkot: In the city, while continuous action is being taken by the food department of the Municipal Corporation against the traders, who sell stale and inedible food, intensive checking was carried out in the areas including the Rajnagar Main Road of the city today, in which samples including Kushli Pasta from William Jones Pizza, Manchurian from Dev Fast Food, Sambhar from Janaki Food Corner and Nattiya from Khodiyar Farsan were taken and 16 kg of inedible food and 5 liters of Pepsicola were destroyed from different places and notices issued to 11 traders.

According to the details received by the food department, located in the area of 80 feet ring road from Rajnagar main road and Nandanvan main road of the city.

  1. 5 kg of inedible potato masala from Janki food corner was destroyed on the spot, and notice was given regarding the license.
  2. 5 liters of stale inedible Pepsi Cola was destroyed from Shri Dwarkesh Dairy Farm and notice of hygienic condition was given.
  3. 5 kg of stale non-edible rice from Chatpatta food zone and 1 kg. A total of 6 kg of inedible material was destroyed on the spot and a notice was issued for obtaining a license. Apart from this, 8 other traders were found and a total of 11 were issued notices including licenses.

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