February 25, 2024

Pal RTO food vendors and retailers gathered in large numbers at Pal RTO Road and staged a unique protest.

Surat : Strict action is being taken on 47 out of 119 routes of zero route push by Surat Municipality. Pal RTO Food Vendors who are taking away business employment have protested and demanded help from the municipality. According to the vendors, the business has been closed for the past one month. They are facing economic crisis due to lack of business and employment due to not allowing hawkers. In the next day too, the municipality is going to continue the action on zero route pressure. The vendors then said that with this kind of action they have come on the road, adding that we will be harassed in the same way. So we do business on the road. But the life of our family will also become difficult. So the municipality should think about us.

Moreover, Vijendrasinh, who runs hawkers, said that we have been driving the hawkers for seven years. We took the Prime Minister’s loan under pressure. Now when the time comes to pay this installment, our business is being taken away. The question then is where do we go now. Our family runs on this hawkers business. Income has stopped due to harassment for a month. So the question of running the household has arisen.

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