February 25, 2024

Serious negligence has come to know in this incident; Firstly, the driver himself was drunk and was driving in the drunk situation.

Vadodara : Rajesh Patel and his wife went for a walk from their house. Meanwhile, Keyur Patel, son of the former president of Bharuch District Panchayat, who was drunk, ran over and seriously injured the elderly couple. Both were shifted to treatment in injured condition, where Rajesh Patel died in treatment. Along with this, a bottle of alcohol was also found from the car that caused the accident. Regarding this incident, Manjalpur police has registered a case against the driver and his friend and detained them for further investigation.

It is not proper for any vehicle driver to put any writing or plate above the number plate, it is against the law. Motorists who affix name plates for such designation are prosecuted under Section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Action against such motorists is taken by RTO. Police can also take action. In this way, there is a provision of a fine of 177 rupees 500 against the motorist who affixes the designation plate on the number plate. As per this provision action can be taken against the driver. Keyur Patel, a drunken son of Bharuch district panchayat president with number plate, the elderly couple injured, in which an old middle-aged man has died, while his wife’s condition is very serious and she is currently undergoing treatment in the ICU. The police have registered a case against the driver and the friend who helped him, Divyang Maheshwari, and are conducting further investigation. Regarding this incident Manjalpur Police has registered a crime under 279, 337, 338, 304 and 114 and conducted further investigation.

In a telephonic conversation with ACP Pranav Kataria, he said that following this accident, the police has taken immediate action to arrest such a driver. CCTV footage of the incident has been obtained, in which a single person is driving the car. Based on which the driver has been arrested. Also, another friend who helped in the hospital has also been fast-tracked. A case has been registered against these two persons and investigation is being conducted. At present, both the men have been detained. The matter is currently under investigation. If necessary, remand will also be sought. In this regard, family relative Krupen Sukhdia said that serious negligence has come to know in this incident. The first thing is that the driver himself was drunk. A liquor bottle has also been found from the car. This is the only demand from our police that we request from the Commissioner of Police and all of us for judicial neutrality and speedy functioning without coming under any kind of pressure. They said that this is a class of male traders. They may think that money will solve everything, but we have full faith in the judicial process. We trust the police, they will do a proper investigation in this matter and bring justice.

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