It is hard to get details of car, house or shares traded, Thousands of city taxpayers and ca tension

Surat: There is barely a month and a half left for filing the returns of the previous financial year, where the data information with some necessary details is not being downloaded, the whole process of filing the returns has stopped.

Approximately more than one million returns are filed in the Surat range, but since the details of the cars, houses, stock market trading or other investments purchased by the taxpayers are not downloaded, so the CA keep that pending. Further, CA says TDS, AIS and TIIS details are not downloaded. Until that happens, the return is not filled. Also, if the taxpayer misses the due date, now there is a penalty of up to one thousand rupees.

Currently there are several things missing
Moreover, the main 3 information forms are not downloaded, namely TDS Deduction, AIR (Annual Information Report) and TIS (Tax Person Information Summary). This summary contains details of stock market trades, car-house sales. These details are downloaded and the return is filled.

Date extension may be requested
Lastly, the information says that, even say that it is barely a month and a half left and this is a problem across the country. Now as days go by it will be difficult to file returns. Hence, there may be a demand to extend the return date this time as well. Last year, filing of returns started during these days.

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