February 25, 2024

A police have registered a case based on complaint and are conducting further investigation

Ahmedabad : A complaint of betrayal by not paying 8.60 lakh rupees to a businessman dealing in building construction materials in Ahmedabad has been registered in Sola police station. Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case and are conducting further investigation.

According to the details received, a businessman Yogesh Patel deals in materials used in building construction. He got a call from Kriti Power Project Company every day. In this phone he was told that, we need Tata box materials. So, in this regard, the goods deal was decided internally and the purchase order from the company was sent to Yogesh Patel through WhatsApp.

On the other hand, the dealer gave a total order of 85.15 lakhs to Yogesh Patel. So he ordered the goods in advance and sent them to his site. From this company, they received 76.26 rupees piece by piece and bank commission 27,095 million, giving them a total of 76.53 lakh rupees. After that, he sent 11 invoices of goods to this Kriti Power Project Company, in which 8.61 lakh rupees were to be taken, Yogesh Patel demanded and gave it, he gave confidence and gave a bank LC as a guarantor.

When Yogesh Patel spoke to his bank, he was told by the bank that, the NOC letter of the Kriti Power Project Company has not arrived or come and get it. On the way to pick up, they did not give NOC and gave us confidence by saying that, we will give your money. Despite repeatedly saying, we will give the money resulting from the legal taking of the goods to the directors of Kriti Power Project Pvt. Ltd. Yogesh Patel has filed a complaint that, the directors of Kriti Power Company have committed fraud and betrayal by not returning the money, even if the bank’s LC is given, but NOC is not given.

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