February 29, 2024

More than 45 complaints of over speeding have been registered in the municipal books.

Surat : Surat Municipal Corporation has decided to make some rules mandatory to prevent accidents, in which, complaints were being received especially about BRTS and city drivers driving buses recklessly. BRTS and Deputy Commissioner of City Bus Department and other officials have now prepared to take an important decision. Speed limit of city bus and BRTS bus has been increased to The corporation, which has not woken up for eight years, is now awake to prevent accidents. It had this speed limit been kept eight years ago, 90 people would not have been killed. Apart from this, dash cameras will be installed in the bus. This will also record who is at fault. It remains to be seen when such a rule will be implemented in other cities.

City Bus and BRTS Bus had two accidents in Surat in 2020 and two died. Of the 7 accidents in 2021, 5 were killed and 2 were seriously injured. Of the 21 accidents in 2022, eight were fatal. 13 were seriously injured. In 2023, the highest number of 24 accidents resulted in three deaths and 21 injuries. While in 2024, one has died in two accidents. If we talk about the last eight years, City and BRTS buses have claimed 90 lives.A very big decision is being taken by the Surat Municipal Corporation from March 1. Various initiatives have now been taken in the city to prevent accidents caused by BRTS and city buses. Under which the first decision has been made to reduce the speed. Reducing speed is expected to put brakes on accidents. From March 1, even if the driver wants to, he will not be able turn the bus at a speed of more than 40. Speed limit has been fixed in buses. So now the bus will be seen running on the roads at a speed of 40.

After sitting on the bus driving seat, the mirror often has such blank spots that vehicles around the bus, especially bikes, are not visible. An ORVM mirror will be installed to remove such blank spots. These blank spots were also very important behind the accident. The bus moves and some vehicles are not visible from certain angles after approaching. Mirror blank spots occur due to the mirrors that are fitted.Municipal Deputy Commissioner Dr. Rajendra said, we have prepared to take some decisions to avoid accidents by BRTS buses and city buses in the city. I myself have visited different places. Even sitting on the driver’s seat, we have checked ourselves for defects like black spots. In this regard, instructions have been given to the contractors to install additional mirrors, dash cameras, etc. in the buses. We are also going to make arrangements for training the drivers in the coming days. Sufficient care is being taken to avoid even a single accident in the city.

Most of the roads in the city are congested with traffic during peak hours. All people drive in a hurry. Due to which BRTS drivers are frequently instructed to maintain normal bus speed and drive slowly on circle to avoid accidents. But still sometimes the bus is run recklessly by the bus driver many times in over speed. So the possibility of accident increases. In the last four years, more than 45 complaints of over speeding have been registered in the municipal books.

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