February 25, 2024

Complaint was lodged with the Ambaji Police against Mohini Caterers after Sabardari received a notice from the Food Department.

Ambaji : The ghee that was ordered to prepare Mohanthal Prasad for the Mahamela of Bhadravi Poonam at the Yatradham was found to be adulterated. The food department took a sample and it was proved that the ghee was adulterated. Ambaji police about which the dispute was more aggravated. In this matter, Sabar Dairy filed a complaint against Mohini Caterers in Ambaji Police. After this complaint Ambaji Police arrested four people from Mohini Caterers after 25 days and took further action.

Recently, a court action was taken by the food department against the person in charge of Mohini Caterers after their analysis report found the ghee of Mohanthal’s prasad to be unhealthy. During the investigation, the edible ghee used in the preparation of Prasadi was suspected, and preliminary testing was done on the spot in a mobile food testing van. An adulterated quantity of 2820 kg of ghee worth Rs.8 lakh was seized on 28th August. Ambaji police registered a case against Neelkanth Traders and an unknown person. Jatin Shah, owner of Neelkanth Traders, gave 300 cans of ghee to Mohini Caterers. The temple trust canceled the contract of Mohini Caterers by not renewing the tender and the state government handed over the prasad making to the Akshayapatra Foundation. Ambaji temple will now make Prasad by Akshaya Patra Foundation associated with ISKCON.

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