February 25, 2024

A complaint has been registered against 7 directors and four engineers of this GPC company.

Palanpur : 2 men were killed in the incident of railway overbridge collapsing near RTO circle. A three-member committee was appointed based on the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, who requested the government to take action in this regard. The members of the committee reached the spot on the evening of the incident and started the investigation. GPC infrastructure has been blacklisted and 2 officials have also been suspended as a result of the action following the strict orders of the Chief Minister. After this incident concrete samples, steel samples, designs, maps etc. were collected and the gurders lying on the site and the entire area were inspected and the samples were sent for testing. Test results of these samples are expected soon. After that, the committee will be able to come to the detailed findings of the incident. The preliminary report of the accident has found that the unfortunate incident could have been avoided if barricading and traffic management etc. had been taken care of in the under-construction construction area. The families of these two youths demanded that they will accept the dead bodies only when a complaint is filed against the company’s engineers and director, now a complaint has been filed against 7 directors and four engineers of GPC Company and an investigation is being carried out. has been assigned to DySP.

Anger erupted against the GPC company that built the people’s bridge that killed two people in the incident. It is worth mentioning that this company has been involved in controversy before. This company was once again awarded the contract to build the bridge. Earlier, Manpa and AUDA had blacklisted the GPC company. Now a complaint has been registered against 7 directors and four engineers of this GPC company and the investigation of various departments is going on and a complaint will also be registered against whoever is found guilty.

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