February 25, 2024

Instructions to Drainage Committee to check the discharge water of industrial units discharged into municipal drains.

Surat : After the complaint that industrial units are releasing untreated chemical water into sewers and drains in Surat city for the past few times, the Drainage Committee meeting on Monday has instructed the department to investigate the water discharged by industrial units in municipal drains. Apart from this, even though the time limit of the tender for the works of the drainage department has been completed, the details of the works which have not been completed have also been ordered to be carried out immediately. There is a widespread complaint that industrial units located in Pandesara, Ashwanikumar Road and some areas of Varachha within the Surat Municipal Corporation limits are releasing chemical water into municipal drainage. Some corporators of the opposition complained about this with a video, while people are complaining that such malpractice is being done by the industrial units along with drainage choke up and sometimes water is coming on the road causing people to suffer.

Additionally, after such complaint, it has been decided to remove this nuisance in the drainage committee meeting. Drainage Committee Chairman Keyur Chapatwala said that, it is illegal for industrial units to discharge untreated water into municipal drains and it is the responsibility of the industries as well as the GPCB. Although the GPCB has issued notices to industrial units in the past, the problem has been rising up from time to time. Due to this, the drainage department has been instructed to strictly check the industrial units in the city, where such complaints have been received and to stop this nuisance permanently. Apart from this, the department has been instructed to submit the details of how many works have been completed within the time limit and why the work has not been completed. Apart from this, today’s drainage committee meeting has also taken an important decision to provide drainage facility in the service street of Kot area.

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