February 25, 2024

MO was caught in Gujarat, now cross-examination across the country

Surat: Recently SGST team unearthed bogus billing scam based on Aadhaar card, some shocking things came to know. Even before this modes operandi spread across the country, SGST investigation of Aadhaar card matter has started to be adopted in the country. Today a circular was also issued by In Direct Taxes in this regard.

Furthermore, the SGST team busted more than 700 bogus firms in the entire scandal of changing mobile numbers from the Aadhaar center. An officer from Surat discovered the modes operandi of this scam from a local investigation.

The game was played in the name of Aadhaar, a youth from Surat
A victim of the scam told the department that, he had taken another person to the Aadhaar center a few days back and changed the mobile number in the amendment form. It came to know from MO that, the scam has started from Bhavnagar.

Although, based on the investigation, a new scandal came to know that bogus firms are being created by changing mobile numbers. For this, some Aadhaar center workers were also beaten up. Later, 10 to 12 people were taken to such an Aadhaar center and their mobile numbers were changed.

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