February 29, 2024

Gujarat’s share in total exports of the country is 33.14 percent, time investment of Gujarat’s businessmen in leisure time

Gujarati people do business in any situation. During the time of lockdown, when all over the world trade and industry were closed and people were in a dilemma of where and how to spend their time. Gujaratis were the only ones then, who invested time to grow their business in their spare time, in which PPE kits were made, mask making machines were made, masks were made at home, the machinery which was earlier based on China was started here.

Gujarati people should do business in any situation

The fruits of this hard work have been received after two years. According to DGFT statistics, 12 lakh crores have been exported from Gujarat in the financial year 2022-2023.

Which in 2021-2022 Rs. 9.45 lakh crores. According to Chamber of Commerce Vice President Parth Ganatra, 25 percent of the exports from Gujarat can be considered Saurashtra.

Exports will increase 5 times in the coming years

If we talk about 2021 to 2023, success has been achieved even in the face of challenges including lockdown, rise in prices of raw materials, shortage of labour. It is likely to increase by 5 times in the next year.

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