February 29, 2024

Students attending private schools in America have to pay an annual fee of around 20 thousand to 40 thousand dollars

Moreover, questions have been raised many times regarding the education provided in government schools in our country. Even though many parents are not financially able to provide good education to their children, they try to make a career by enrolling them in a private school.

At such a time, an important step has been taken in the field of education with the joint efforts of Gujarat government and Gujaratis living in America. With this, now children in Gujarat will be able to get American standard education and that too for free.

In order to provide high quality education to the children whose parents are not financially viable, the Gujarat government has adopted the chartered schooling concept practiced in America. The government has already prepared to spend 135 crore rupees for this concept.

What would a charter schooling concept entail?

Further, special types of schools are created in the chartered schooling concept in America, in which the government provides financial assistance per student. So that the student is able to go to a chartered school and get an education.

Whereas, in America, a special project is being run by the federal government to ensure that the future of students, who are not economically viable but are brilliant in learning does not become dim due to financial constraints. Students attending private schools in America have to pay an annual fee of around 20 thousand to 40 thousand dollars.

However, the concept of chartered schools was introduced for the parents of many students, who are not financially able to pay such expensive fees. An entrance test is conducted for students to get admission in such a school.

And, based on the result merit is prepared, students are admitted to the school.The government provides free education up to higher education to all students who get admission.

Apart from that, the aim was to implement America’s policy so that the future of economically backward students is not ruined due to financial reasons. Some time ago coordination was done with Gujarat Government. After the Gujarat government started the work keeping in mind the features of the whole project and its effects, results.

Which students will get admission in the school?

  • Students who have studied from class 1 to 5 in government or grant-in-aid schools.
  • Students who are studying in class 5th in the current year i.e. academic year 2022-23 and will complete class 5th at the time of class 6th admission will be eligible for Common Entrance Test.
  • Talented students identified through Common Entrance Test and those students who get merit will be selected for admission in this school.
  • All the students admitted in these schools will be provided free education from standard 6th to 12th with hostel facilities.
  • The benefits of reservation in different categories will be given as determined by the Education Department at the time of admission.
  • Students will have to stay in the hostel provided in the school campus to study.

If the student is willing to study in a non-hostel school then he/she has to select the ‘Gyan Setu Day’ School option while filling the form.

Lastly, ‘Due to this concept, it is natural that the drop out ratio will decrease. Apart from this, talented students will also get a huge advantage. They will be able to show their talent in activities including sports for their intellectual development.’

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