February 29, 2024

The weather was unpredictable and it was rain, so CM’s plane had to land at Delhi airport

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel stayed in Delhi for two days on the occasion of the Niti Aayog meeting and the inauguration of the new Parliament House in Delhi. After completing this program, he was coming to Ahmedabad on Sunday night in a government jet plane, but as soon as the captain received a message that he would not get landing clearance due to heavy rain.

After, the plane was taken to Delhi airport for security reasons. After staying at Delhi airport, the CM reached Ahmedabad at 3 am after flying at 1.26 pm as the weather in Ahmedabad improved.

Due to strong winds, the planes did not get permission for landing

Moreover, several flights were diverted after circling in the sky without getting landing clearance due to low visibility in Ahmedabad on Sunday evening due to low clouds accompanied by wind and hail. Plane could not land from runway 2-3 due to high wind and tail wind. Due to tail wind, the aircraft is gusted from behind during landing, in such a situation there is a danger of the flight skidding off the runway. Thus Runway 05 was opened at the airport.

Runway 05 does not have an instrument landing system

In the end, runway 05 of the airport means planes land from Sabarmati but there is no Instrument Landing System (ILS) available on the runway towards this direction. The captain did not think it was appropriate to take off the Chief Minister’s plane from Runway 05 amid bad weather at the airport on Sunday, diverted it from Udaipur and took it to Delhi airport.

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