February 29, 2024

The weather is being unpredictable in the state for these days, the atmosphere is being cold and windy.

The weather in the state took a turn on Sunday evening and there was rain in North and Central Gujarat and Bhavnagar division with thunder and heavy thundershowers. Heavy rain fell in 16 talukas of the state during the night. The highest rainfall in the state was 2 inches in Bahucharaji from 6 to 8 pm, while the rain started in Ahmedabad with thunder and lightning in the evening and continued till 10:30 pm at the time of writing this. Hailstones also fell at many places including Ahmedabad during the heavy rain.

Heavy rain across the state

Besides, heavy rain fell in 16 talukas of the state in the evening, in which 2 inches of rain fell in Becharaji in Mehsana district, after 9 pm heavy winds also fell in Mehsana Panthak. Kadi, Shihore and Dholka talukas received 1 inch of rain while Chansma, Kalol received half an inch of rain, Jotana, Detroj, Sanand received half an inch of rain and Gandhinagar, Harij and Valbhipur and besides Daskroi, Bhavnagar and Siddhapur, Vadodara also received heavy winds.

Mahisagar district also received heavy rains with thunderbolts while Devgarhbaria panthak also received. Mandal Panthak too. Rain is falling with heavy winds and there have been incidents of falling trees everywhere.

Mobile tower collapsed

A person was electrocuted in Laldarwaja area in Ahmedabad, while a wall collapsed in Khanpur area. A mobile tower collapsed in Juhapura area of Ahmedabad. In Vadodara city also there were incidents of trees falling in different areas.

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