February 25, 2024

Senior citizen targeted by Mewat gang of Rajasthan-Haryana

Ahmedabad: Online fraud in Gujarat is the biggest ever in the past with more than 300 crore frauds taking place during the last year alone. The figures of which have been revealed by the police now. The shocking thing is that, these figures are only official complaints, the unofficial figure is likely to be many times higher.

Further, the serious matter is also that the number of frauds this year compared to last year is double that of the previous year, i.e. the apprehension of exceeding 600 crores has been expressed by the senior officials of the state.

Situation on the Rajasthan-Haryana border Mewat gang is doing cyber crime all over the country. However, figures have emerged that, Gujarat is a soft target for them. The state’s cyber cell says that, their helpline is getting more than 1700 phone calls on an average every day.

Trying to save Gujarati people by keeping the helpline open 24 hours

A helpline number 1930 has been started by the state cyber cell, in which a total of 24 policemen are continuously present on the helpline according to an 8-hour shift. The police claim that, 99.99 percent of calls are received. Sometimes if someone misses a call, a call is made from the front.

Police found 50 types of fraud

Gujarat CID chief says that, the police have discovered the modes operandi of all the different types of fraud. In all the crimes registered by the police, the search for the accused is still going on and now people are being made aware to prevent them from falling victim to cyber crime. This year alone, the police have met one lakh people face to face and made them aware.

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