February 25, 2024

Saw a credit card ad on Instagram, the mobile got hacked by automatically downloading three applications after opening the link

Surat: A computer engineer of Diamond Company of Katargam saw a credit card advertisement on Instagram and while opening the link, the robbers hacked the mobile phone and stole Rs. 50 thousand against a loan of even after grabbing Rs. 70,000, a complaint is registered in the Ichchapore police about sending messages defaming his wife and friends and threatening to kill him.

Minesh Patel, a computer engineer of Diamond Company of 32 years old, saw an advertisement of Kotak Mahindra Bank’s credit card on Instagram a month ago and opened the link. After opening the link, an application called AA Credit, C Money, Loan Wallet was downloaded in wallet Manish’s mobile. After opening this application, Manish selects Allow option and in Manish’s pay-team wallet, Jeetendra shows Rs. 3010 and in the name of Mukhi Media Rs. 12,040 from different wallets including a total of Rs. 50 thousand were deposited.

After three days, the above loan installment collection call came and the link was sent. Manish opened the link and paid Rs. 70 thousand was reimbursed. However, repeated calls and messages were sent to Minesh’s wife and friends from different numbers defaming them and threatening to kill the family if they did not repay the loan.

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