February 24, 2024

It is necessary to check zone wise and take legal action whether there is adulteration in any food or not

Surat :In Surat, health department conducts checks keeping in view the festivals and occasions. Also, especially during the wedding season, samples of food items including cheese, sweets are checked. Today the action has been started keeping in mind the month of Shravan, in which samples were taken by forming one team in each zone.Sampling was done by the health department in different shops in Rander zone. People buy corn flour which can be cured during fasting. It is necessary to check whether there is any kind of adulteration in this. In view of which the samples were taken by the health department team.

According to Health Officer Bhavesh Brahmabhat, under the guidance of Deputy Health Commissioner, teams were formed to take samples in different departments of the city. During the month of Shravan, wheat flour is sold in large quantities and people, who are fasting are also treated. Also, sampling of other items which are taken during fasting has been started. Zone-wise action is being taken by forming separate teams.

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