December 11, 2023

Also, the crowd misbehaved with policemen and a complaint has been registered against them.

Surat : Herdsmen attacked the municipal team that went to catch stray cattle in Amroli, Surat. Along with this, a police complaint has also been registered against the driver of the police PCR van against the crowd who were being harassed and misbehaved. Raju Sosa working as a sanitary inspector in the market department in Cattle Control Division of Katargam Zone of Surat Municipal Corporation, along with the staff went to Amroli area to catch stray cattle on the road. Near Variav T point three roads, the shepherd Natha Bherwad was standing on the road with cows and buffaloes.

Moreover, four cows and buffalo were caught and tied to the municipal vehicle. But when Natha Bharwad called, eight to ten of his friends came with sticks on bikes and had a fight with Dhaval Modi, Ganesh Gambhwa of Sanitary Inspector Raju’s team. So Raju had recorded the video in the mobile phone and immediately calling the police control room, the PCR of the Amroli police came to the spot. Natha Bharwad and his friends clashed with the police and ran away after calling another PCR. However, besides Natha Bharwad, the police have arrested Jagmal Mir, Bijal Bharwad, Kanu Bharwad, Kanji Mer, Bharat Bharwad, Jesing Mir, Navdhan Shialia.

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