February 29, 2024

Although, DNA will be done and the company has taken responsibility for the complete treatment of all the injured workers.

Surat: 7 workers have died in the incident of blast and fire in Aether Industries, a chemical company located in Sachin GIDC of Surat city. These workers have died painfully in the chemical company. The reason for this is that the identification of the dead bodies found is not possible. The bodies of the workers have been burnt and turned into skeletons, so it has been decided to conduct a DNA test for the identification of these bodies. Meanwhile, a compensation of Rs 50 lakh has been announced by the company to the families of the 7 workers who died in this incident.

A chemical company named Aether Industries is located in Sachin GIDC. A fire broke out in this company on Wednesday night between 1.30 and 2.00 pm after a blast. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. But a large quantity of chemical liquid in the company soon turned into a fire. Within moments, the fire had spread throughout the factory. There was chaos in the factory. As many as 24 workers were burnt in this tragedy. 8 of them are serious. While 7 workers did not even get a chance to escape. Workers who were standing next to the two tanks where the fire broke out were instantly burnt to death. The bodies of these workers who were in the middle of the fire for more than 24 hours continuously turned into skeletons. Their identification is also not possible. So the system has decided to conduct DNA test of these skeleton-like bodies.

Surat Joint Police Commissioner KN Damor said that various agencies are investigating the accident. 7 human skeletons have been found in the factory. Attempts are being made to identify all of them. DNA Samples will be taken. An attempt will be made to identify the dead from DNA samples. Currently, two people have been identified. An accident has been registered and an investigation has been conducted. At the end of the investigation, depending on the report of the agency, a crime will be registered under different sections.

Apart from that, the family members of the deceased will be given jobs. The company will arrange for the education of the children of the deceased. The company has shown readiness to give all the rights compensation to the family of the deceased. An injured employee who is not able to work in the event will also be compensated. 25 lakh compensation will be given to disabled workers. The company has taken responsibility for the complete treatment of all the injured workers.

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