February 25, 2024

Surat : In Surat, new events are happening daily. One such incident has come to know from Sachin area of Surat. The fight between the married couple, who had been married for 15 years, over a small matter had taken a very big form. A small thing like cooking had reached to murder. As a result, the couple was shifted to Surat Civil Hospital. Sachin police have conducted further investigation. In Surat’s Sachin, the husband tried to commit suicide by cutting his own throat after attempting to murder his wife. Both were brought to Civil for emergency treatment. Not only this but it has been revealed that after a fight late at night, the husband called the wife home with love and attacked her on the throat in the morning. At present, the condition of both is known to be critical.

Local people say that the incident took place in the Sachin Ice Factory area. The attacker has been identified as Amit and the injured Sumanga. People rushed to save the woman screaming after her throat was cut. It has come to know that Amit has also cut his own throat after seeing people. Both were brought to Civil for treatment by local people. Amit can be said to have done such an act in a frequent family quarrel. Seemadevi said that, 15 years ago, Sumga was married to Amit. Family quarrels started when Amit, the father of four children, got into the habit of drinking alcohol. Amit repeatedly beat his wife and took the entire neighborhood on his head, had jumped from the roof 15 days ago after breaking the neighbor’s head. Then last night, his wife was beaten on the face during a fight over cooking. This morning Prem called his wife home and cut her throat with a paddle. People had gathered as the daughter shouted. After that, out of fear, Amit cut his throat and tried to commit suicide, both of them were taken to Civil. Currently, the police are investigating further.

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