February 29, 2024

University is encouraging to private institution to run IELTS coaching and a chancellor is unaware about this

To begin with, Gujarat University will now also provide IELTS coaching. IELTS coaching is also being done in Gujarat University by a private consultancy.

Consultancies work with IELTS coaching in different ways, post-12th or post-graduation. However, it is also alleged that the institution of this coaching came on the recommendation of the syndicate members.

Despite being a government university, students will be sent to study abroad at the expense of lakhs by having a private institution. At present, all the students who have appeared in class-12 examination and those who have completed graduation will be coached under the Study in Abroad programme.

Additionally, an office of consultancy is located in the animation department, where students go for enquiries. Coaching charges are Rs. 10 thousand for 6 months and IELTS exam fee is Rs 16 thousand.

IELTS coaching classes are conducted in the new library built in the university. Student visas are processed for UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Further, Gujarat university is promotion the private institution.

Finally, process has been done as per the rules. Outside students are coached for Rs. 25k and university students pay only 10k for coaching. This coaching has been started under the Student Facilitation Center.

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