February 25, 2024

According to the information, more than 100 officials and employees of Income Tax Department have joined in this raid.

Ahmedabad :In Ahmedabad Incometax has again conducted super operation. Income tax department has raided big chemical dealers there. Bleach Chemical and Dhara Chemical have been investigated by the Income Tax Department. Many chemical traders, including Ahmedabad’s well-known businessman Keyur Shah, have been investigated there. Income tax department has raided more than 20 places in Ahmedabad, in which a fleet of more than 100 officers has joined the investigation. At the end of the investigation, large scale of fake transactions are likely to be found.

A mega search operation was conducted in Ahmedabad 20 days ago on the well-known Swati Builder Group and its associated Mahesh Raj Chemical Group by a team called from across the state of the Income Tax Department. The investigation was carried out at about 40 places found at Swati Buildcon Group’s office and residence, Mahesh Raj Chemical Group’s office and bungalow, which is connected with it. Income tax was also raided on Swati Buildcon’s head office on Ambli Road. Along with this, a raid and survey operation was conducted by Incometax at 35 to 40 places in the city.

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