February 29, 2024

5629 metric tones of waste is generated daily from 48 wards, 6 lakh fine was collected from plastic seller

Ahmedabad: Solid waste department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation collects 5679 metric tons of waste daily in 48 wards. Compared to last year, the average has increased by 291 metric tons. The operation was carried out from 5 to 11 June. The department has claimed that, door-to-door waste collection is being done in more than 22 lakh houses of 16 lakh residential and 6 lakh commercial units in 48 wards.

Apart from this, since 2018, 75 metric tones of kitchen waste is collected daily from hotels-restaurants, party plots and halls etctera, which is used in the Fertilizer Plant at Pirana. A total fine of 20 lakhs has been collected from the polluting units. Apart from this, a total fine of Rs 6.65 lakh was collected from 815 units manufacturing and selling banned plastics.

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