People demand VMC should take strict action to stop tampering with people’s health.

Vadodara : At the well-known Gaylord restaurant behind the Vadodara railway station, a customer expressed anger and created a ruckus when the dosa was leaking poison. It was said that two days ago when this kind of incident happened, the manager of the hotel was informed. However, no action was taken. Today, the insect has come out of the breakfast again. However, the hotel owner said that this brother is lying. Now a conscious citizen has demanded before the food department that checking should be done in the restaurant. However, after this incident, the food department of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation has started running and started further action by taking samples of all and giving notice of Schedule-4.

Furthermore, customer Kartik Shah said, Gaylord restaurant is located behind Vadodara railway station area, where we came for breakfast today. This time we ordered dhosa for breakfast. From which the insect has come out. We have had a very bad experience here. It is not right to have insect like this in breakfast. In this regard, action should be taken against the hotel owner. He further said that two days ago, this kind of insect had come out of the breakfast and informed the hotel manager about it. However, no action was taken and today again the poison came out of the breakfast. The food department shines everywhere in Vadodara city, so why are they leaving such brand hotels. Our demand is that checking should be done in well-known hotels as well. The food department of Vadodara Municipal Corporation has been on the run and sampled Dhosa kheer, Sambhar sugar and tea from the restaurant. Medical certificate and water report are to be submitted, which they do not have, schedule-4 notice has been issued and further action has been initiated in this matter.

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