February 29, 2024

According to Gujarat Biodiversity Board, more than 16 species of trees, vines, plants are under threat in Gujarat.

“International Biodiversity Day” is celebrated worldwide on 22 May every year. This day was first celebrated in 1993. Earlier this day was celebrated on 29 December.

Since 2001 it is celebrated on 22 May every year. The main objective of this day is to make people aware about Bio-diversity. Also to maintain biological diversity at the ecosystem level.

However, importance of trees have increased especially in the present time, because the lack of oxygen in the period of Corona has drawn people’s attention to environmental protection. When the arrival of monsoon is near, this is the best time to plant trees. If one person decides to plant one tree, save it, it is possible to produce inexhaustible carbon dioxide by planting thousands of trees.

Further, Pipal, Vad, Neem, Karanj, Khati Aambali, Desi Asopalav, Garamalo, Shimla, Sevan, Mahudo, Seesam, Sita Ashok, Arjun, Tura Aambara, etc. trees can be planted in the village. Tree for sparrow like umber, setur, almond, sweet sour, falsa, rayan, desi mango By planting etc. the fruits of nature can also be saved like birds.

In the end, bio-diversity needs attention in modern times, due to global warming there has been a special change in the environment. For this, environmental protection has been emphasized. Many species of plants and animals have been found extinct in modern times.

Conservation of animals is also necessary for ecological balance. Mindless exploitation of natural resources, such as encroachment on pasture land, cutting down forests for fuel, wasting or overusing water resources, and using pesticides contribute to the loss of biological diversity.

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